Altoona, Pennsylvania

altoona, PAWhen thinking of a city to visit for a getaway vacation or to rehome your family in many don’t think of the city of Altoona, Pennsylvania.  Often people have a desire to live and visit larger cities that offer more amenities and attractions than their current city of residence.  Altoona, Pennsylvania is located in the central part of the state.  It is a small city that is in the county of Blair.  Currently, Altoona is ranked 11th in population in the state with around 46,000 people residing there when the last census was taken in 2010.  Most of the residents of the city live within 5 miles of the center.

When visiting Altoona, PA makes sure to include a trip to one of the Sheetz locations.  Mr. Sheetz is from the Altoona city area and this is the place where is all started.  Sheetz is a convenience store that also sells gas along with Made-To-Order food.  Customers are able to purchase many items at their fingertips with a menu that is made to order with many options. Sheetz has 400 locations with their presence in six states.  All the stores are owned and operated by the Sheetz company.  So, make sure to stop by and fill up your gas tank and the families’ tummies.

Altoona also has one of the largest selections of shower doors in the area.  There is a specialized team that has contracted to represent highest quality shower doors to homeowners in the state.  They have worked very hard to offer versatility and customizable glass shower doors and are very eager to help you with achieving that very special look in your bathroom.  Every visitor or homeowners who call into these special companies in Altoona receive a free design consultation and estimate to meet all your shower door decisions.  They also have a no obligation, risk-free, and costs nothing to the customer guarantee.

Altoona was grown as a railroad city and since the recent decline, the area is working to recover the from the industrial and decentralization regressions.  It was a major town during the railroad ‘boom.’  The city was named by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1849.  The Pennsylvania Railroad used the city as a site for their maintenance complex.  The meaning of the word “Altoona” is Altus, which in Latin means high.   During the 19th century, the city grew rapidly.  Within 25 years the city went from a population of 2,000 to nearly 20,000.  The growth was a result of the railroad industry during times that the country was at war. Thanks to the rapid growth and the Pennsylvania Railroad the city was valued as one of the most valuable in the North.  The city was build on the convenience of the railroads running throughout and central location of the city in the state.  These two things brought many important meetings to town during the civil war.  This helped shape the city that is present today. Continue reading “Altoona, Pennsylvania”

Charlotte, NC- The Queen City

A shot of the Charlotte, North Carolina sunset during a colorful sunset
A shot of the Charlotte, North Carolina sunset during a colorful sunset

It’s amazing how Charlotte, NC has become the second largest city in the southern US after Jacksonville, FL with a present population of over 2.5 million people but it is growing every day with so many people moving here.

Charlotte is the home town of the well-loved Carolina Panthers. Who doesn’t know Carolina Panthers (NFL)? Starting from the 7 years old I met at the ice cream store to the 55 years old towing service guy who helped me out with my flat tire; everybody is talking about Carolina Panthers.

From Carolina Panthers general manager Dave Gettleman to Josh Norman, who is close to getting a $15 million dollars long term contract with the Panthers, they all call Charlotte their home.

Other well known local teams in the Charlotte that heats up the fans are the Charlotte Hornets (NBA) and the Charlotte Independence (USL). Charllotians love sports that’s for sure.

How about the racing fans? We all know that Charlotte is the home of the Nascar Hall of Fame and the Charlotte Motor Speedway. When you visit the Nascar Hall of Fame you would expect to see artifacts legendary drivers and stock cars, and you will but what you don’t expect is to see so many of them and even the chance to drive and play with some of them.

Between a Carolina Panthers game and a visit to the Nascar Hall of Fame you have to entertain yourself with the tallest gigacoaster in the world, the 325 foot tall Furry 325 from Carowinds amusement park, visit the biggest lake in NC, Lake Norman, with an 845 miles of shoreline. Continue reading “Charlotte, NC- The Queen City”

Charleston, SC

Charlestone, SCCharleston is considered to be the most beautiful city in the US, rich in history.
The cobblestone streets filled with 300 years of history are a road map to time.
Charleston is the oldest city in the US, and it was the second largest city in the Us located in Charleston Harbor.
Charleston was founded in 1670, but it got his name in 1783. This town is renowned for the friendliest people always willing to help. The weather is perfect with hot and humid summers, daily rain and mild winters.

Whatever you decide to do in Charleston, visit the beach, the historic downtown, learn about pirates, go dancing or just sit on the dock you will have the greatest time of your life.
Charleston is called the city of churches because of the variety of churches scattered throughout the historic city.
Tours of Charleston are offered either by horse drawn carriage or by foot, and all take you back in the historic downtown with 18th and 19th century perfectly preserved buildings, fully packed with history There are also offered dinner cruises and boat tours for the visitors that want to experience the many sides of Charleston

Charleston have some attractions that every visitor needs to see. Some of these are the Aquarium of Charleston Harbor fool of all the wildlife population of South Carolinas water.
You can’t leave without visiting the historical place of Fort Sumter where the first shot of the civil war was shot. Fort Sumter sits on an Island and can be accessed only by ferries.
Once named the rice capital of the New World because of the many plantations, Charleston has many lavish plantations like Middleton Place, which spans on 65 acres being the oldest landscaped garden or Magnolia Plantation with gardens dating back to the 17 century and known by the beautiful Spanish Moss. The only tea plantation in the nation, Charleston Tea Plantation can be also found here. Continue reading “Charleston, SC”

Arlington, TX

dallas cowboys

Arlington, Texas, home to the new AT&T Stadium, which also serves as the home to the Dallas Cowboys, scored a huge victory in when it was announced the stadium would be built in this city. The stadium, which is located within walking distance of the Texas Rangers ballpark, has been a great economic driver for this city. This funds to build this structure were, at least in part, subsidized by a 2004 sales tax increase, which was voter approved, and that which would serve to subsidize a 30-year, $325 million bond package designed to help pay for what is now the home of one of the greatest teams in the NFL. The city was also able to receive some revenue from the naming rights deal. This was a typical win-win-win for all parties, being Arlington, the Cowboys and Texas.

Arlington is also home to Six Flags and numerous other tourist attractions. The fact remains, however, that there is a parcel of land adjacent to the stadium that is completely undeveloped. This 30-acre parcel was recently sold, however, and new development will be coming to this once-barren land in the coming months. The nature of that development remains to be seen, but mixed commercial will likely be the hallmark of its future use. This area in Arlington will forever be changed by how this land is used, and is already completely benefitting from the commercial success the stadium has proven to be.

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